II. Plan Built for you

  • Time box your tasks. Plan a box of time for each task. Decide to continue or put off till the next day.
  • Find Your Natural Rhythms. There are times of day when you’re most productive, best at problems solving or communicating with others. Try to schedule tasks during these optimal times of day.
  • Plan for Interruptions. There may be interruptions you hadn’t anticipated that you have to deal with right away. Pad your schedule with extra time blocks
    • Time Strategies
      • Overestimate the time it will take to complete tasks and don't schedule too tight.
      • Buffer – add a buffer of time in your schedule between blocks of work.
      • Plan for Catch-up – schedule “catch up time”, if you don't need it, take a break.
  • Batch Tasks for Better Efficiency. You might take certain items and batch them by setting aside a longer block of time or even a full day to work on them.
  • Getting Ready for Tomorrow. At the end of each day, look at your list to see what you accomplished. Congratulate yourself on what you have done and plan out your entire week to maximize your time and at the end of each day, refine the next day’s schedule.



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