Prioritize Your Tasks

I. Prioritize Your Tasks

Simple improvements made over the long term will continue to push you closer to your goal.
  • Create a task List
    • A to-do list isn’t enough. You need to figure out which items are essential, and which aren’t important at all.
  • Task need to align with goals
    • Use your online tools like creating you daily/weekly task using evernote and use google calendar to schedule your appointments and tasks.
  • Essential items that you need to do!
  •  7-10 items (The Backburner)
    • If you have more than 7-10 tasks, you need to trim your list, take out the tasks you do every day
      • What to do with the backburner tasks?
        • Choose a day
        • Choose a time each day
        • Delegate 
        • Make a secondary list
  • Ranked according to importance.
    • Ask yourself, “If I do just one thing today, what should it be?” and put this at the top of your list. Repeat this and you’ll end up with a list of things you must do in order of importance.
  • Refining your List
    • Rank Items – create a scoring and ranking system
    • Set Deadlines for everything – set a deadline for everything you must do and make it specific to a time of day.
    • Categorize by work areas – categorize work-related and personal tasks.
    • Categorize by time – create categories by time of day, or small to-do lists for each part of the day.
    •  Break up big tasks – anything longer than a day, break it up into daily milestones and put into your to-do lists.



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